Idaho Professional Archaeological Council


An organization to promote high standards of archaeological research, reporting, and management in Idaho.


The Idaho Professional Archaeological Council (IPAC) was formed in 2004 to represent the interests of professional archaeologists in our state: State, Federal, and Tribal Archaeologists; professors; consultants and other private sector archaeologists.

The purpose of IPAC is to maintain and promote the goals of professional archaeology in Idaho by:

  • Promoting high standards of archaeological research, reporting and management;
  • Representing professional archaeological interests in political and public forums;
  • Establishing a mechanism for communication within the archaeological community;
  • Promoting public education and interest in the fields of archaeology and cultural resource management;
  • Providing advice to professional archaeologists and to State, Federal and other regulatory agencies; and
  • Encouraging the publication of archaeological research.

For more information about IPAC's Executive Board, Preamble, and Bylaws, please refer to the links on this page.


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