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Dear Members and Interested Individuals,


WELCOME to the official IPAC website!  Our primary goal is to provide support to the Idaho professional archaeological community in the face of 21st Century challenges.  IPAC is one of several cultural resources/ archaeological focused societies within Idaho.  To better serve of members and act towards the stated goals of IPAC.  The organization will be dissolving this year and merging with the Idaho Archaeological Society.  If you are not a member of IAS please join us (  I would like to thank all past members of IPAC and encourage everyone to continue to be active participants in the Archaeological community!! 


Craig Hauer,

IPAC President


IPAC was formed in 2004 to represent the interests of professional archaeologists in our state.  The organization consists of state, federal, and tribal archaeologists, as well as professors, consultants, and other private sector archaeologists.


Explore similar associations, find Idaho-based cultural resource managing agencies and contracting firms, and query helpful tools here in the very handy "Links" section.

IPAC will be merging with IAS

If you had plans on contributing to the IPAC news letter, come join IAS!  IAS's journal Idaho Archaeologist is a peer reviewed journal on the archaeology of Idaho.  IAS also publishes an electronic news letter monthly!  Members also have access to special publications concerning the Archaeology of Idaho.


IPAC to be dissolved and merged with IAS

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